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Christine is a wellbeing and empowerment coach on a mission!  That mission is to end suffering whenever possible.  Prior to launching her coaching practice she spent her career serving others in various roles, ranging from Addiction Therapist, Project Manager and Mentor.  During that time she guided and helped hundreds of individuals in their journey to realize their full potential, ultimately, guiding them to a fulfilled life. 

By using this experience, she is there to aid people in navigating all areas of life.  Areas of life that may have them feeling stuck, including spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing helping them to live life with passion! With her immense knowledge and strategies, ranging from behavioral health, business communication and leadership development she excels with individual and group coaching programs with an emphasis on human needs psychology.  Christine believes leading with compassion and kindness, all the while, incorporating proven programs for success.  With Christine’s pleasant and relaxed communication skills she makes genuine connections that often embark her clients into uncharted territories.  Her impressive understanding of human emotions and behavior blended with her ability to shift perspective and mindset allows others to successfully craft and bring their best selves forward.  In turn, that compassion and positivity helps people to create their best self for personal and business lives. 

Christine loves making connections and is dedicated to helping people create meaning and aligning values in their lives.  So, on their journey they can then in turn contribute to the world fulfilled, achieve personal life fulfillment and ultimately live a whole hearted life. 

Christine is a contributing author for OneTribe magazine.  There you will find articles expressing her thoughts about topics from fear, love and different kinds of empowerment to her own personal story of healing from past trauma. 

When Christine is not coaching, you’ll find her outdoors with friends and family biking, hiking, paddle boarding and enjoying life.

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Christines Creds...

  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach - Robbins/Madanes Training.
  • Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services from the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Multiple years of leadership training, implementation and practice.
  • Project Management Certificate from Colorado State University.

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