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Andrew is a confidence Coach and o had the honor of sharing space with him today. What a privilege it was. You will get to hear about Andrew’s journey and triumph over anxiety and depression and the confidence he now has though using strategies that he now shares with the world. My biggest takeaway was the way Andrew stayed this “Want to let people realize you can only be yourself, you are only human, you are going to make mistake but everything is just a lesson. Such an honor Please enjoy Andrew Gregory - Confidence Coach

The energy and inspiration from Larry Rosenberg is contagious!! Be prepared to leave immensely inspired but the life journey of this one of a kind human on a mission to make the the world a better place. Larry does this as an inspirational entertainer in a one man sow named “The Larry Show”!!! What? Brilliant right!!! Yep and then some...

Bang on! Wow!!! how awesome is this show? You will just have to take a listen! I could have spent hours chatting with Chris Phillips drummer for Cielo Drive (Scout Killers)! Being a musician and teacher is amazing with the right mindset and Chris has it all going on. Take a listen and anyone who wants to take a lesson over Skype with me I’m in!! 

I rarely am ever speechless... after this episode I am at a loss for words worthy enough to describe this phenomenal human being! Marc “Doobz” Dubois shares his journey and story of adapting and overcoming what could have been a fate no one could ever imagine 18 surgeries before the age of 18 and a diagnosis from doctors telling him he would never walk! Marc refused that diagnosis overcame adversity and is thriving and triumphant today Without spoiling it too much... super hero has a new face and name in book Please enjoy my friend “Doobz”

My "Why" Wednesday on "it's Always better than yesterday" 

you will hear about my passion and purpose... My "why". 

Please enjoy my "Why Wednesday.

AWhen you know... you know!  That’s how I describe the connection Kiki and I have!  We both believe we were meant to connect... there was an outside force and I am overjoyed with gratitude. Kiki shares her journey with us from the corporate world to being a passionate entrepreneur... beating cancer and now living and loving with her Wholeaheart. Kiki shares some strategies for living a fulfilled life.   Enjoy Kiki Stanton 

What a humbling interview with my friend Mark Washco of Mark Washco Fitness. Mark shares the story of his personal journey of triumph over bullying, addiction, anxiety and depression, as well as life altering condition that has him beating the odds and living There was laughter a tiny bit of “feels” and so much inspiration and love! Please enjoy Mark Washco!

High energy and amazing inspiring content will get you pumped to live your life on your own terms. Please enjoy this episode with Arsenio Buck and Luke Burrows as they share their stories of challenges mindset shifts and triumphs! And the cool story of meeting on social media over a Gary V post... and the rest is history!!

My special guest Luke Frazier and I got to talk about his purpose and the reasons behind his blog/podcast “The Why Blog”.
Be prepared for inspiration around amazing topics like bravery, courage, authenticity, vulnerability, empathy, not to mention unicorns and fairy dust. What an amazing 40 minutes in time. Honored ♥️
Take a listen

This weeks episode was so full of love and laughter, I can barley contain my energy (hint hint) In all seriousness today’s conversation takes us on a journey to begin to explore the world of manifesting the things we want in ours lives. This is done by focusing on the positive energy we portray to the world. The lovely beautiful amazing Esther shares some thoughts on how to manifest the life you want, using visualization and a balance of masculine and feminine energy Please enjoy Esther McCann

Amanda King on a personal journey of self discovery, she is writing a book and is an all around amazing human being. You will learn about her mindset, her purpose, a little about her journey and of course this weeks two trending hashtags #leopardleotard #booknerd
This interview has left me inspired and pumped to live life with purpose and love. Please enjoy

BToday’s episode started as a conversation about moving though change and concurring self doubt... That went to left field ahah All for the good! Great conversations getting to know Jonathan Dave and myself a little bit more and on the light side Please enjoy Jonathan Darling and Dave Hailwood

This episode you get to hear Royal Navy Veteran Chris Peden on topics ranging from the Lake District to military at the age of 16 and of course mindset for life. Chris shares with us his thoughts on bravery vs courage and it’s awesome!!! And I will take any new artist to check out when I can how about a little Mike Posner... move on Please enjoy Chris Peden #theheartbeat #followyourwholeheart #vulnerability #yourstorymatters #mindset #expatradio #wholeheartedlife #itbeginsandendswithlove #courage #bravery #royalnavy #uk #usa #colorado #worldwide

The ultimate gift... the gift of life. Enjoy hearing about Crissie’s journey her story of organ donation and her gift of life! Her story is beautiful beginning with noticing the opportunity, deciding to donate and love for her new “family” oh and of all the things that would scare Crissie the most... ummm Frogs

This episode of The Heartbeat you will get to hear from Jason Wood... Dad, retired Army Combat Veteran, OCR elite athlete, Phd student, and over all around amazing human! You will get to hear about his journey and mindset around overcoming and adapting after leaving military life, adjusting to civilian life and finding his purpose. So so so inspiring and brilliant!!! Please enjoy Jason Wood

The tables have been turned! Yep the hostess becomes the interviewee! I am beyond excited to have my dear friend spend this time with me interviewing and getting to share me with the world! I am grateful to be able to share some of my story along with some strategies and tips to live a WholeHearted Life! It really does begin and end with love ♥️

Born in Texas and raised in Tennessee, Clint built his foundation on family, friends and music. Early influenced by his father Johnny Park, Clint came to write and sing many songs with his father. Both inspired by greats like Meryl Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, and Willie Nelson to name a few certainty makes for some beautiful American Country Music. With the ups and downs of the Nashville scene, Clint remained true to his roots and stayed the course of creating that raw music filled with steel guitars and heart! Grateful for Ward Davis who Clint states saved him from giving it up he is out on tour now and planning an EP. fantastic music It was an honor to have Clint in the show and we will have him back very soon Please enjoy Clint Park

Katie Fankhouser is an amazing young lady who is a Tram USA freestyle extreme kayaker, Colorado state running champion, runner of the year and all around amazing human.  You will get to hear about her mindset, leadership, learn what a “Skippy Rippie” is.

Kenny Ball the one man creative editor and director of OneTribe magazine part of OneTribe media talks about the first year of this amazing magazine and how and why he decided this was needed in the world today! This magazine has brought so much love and light to the world and os only expanding.  Please enjoy this interview with Kenny Ball (not the jazz musician)

Today is a very special day! Today Ryan Hartley’s Always Better Than Yesterday celebrated its 1 year anniversary!!! What a better way to celebrate than to share this amazing man and mission with the world!
After listening you will feel inspired to seek out and understand your “why” and purpose! Also you will learn that life is not all unicorns and rainbows from the sky! And also trending #RyanHartleyforpresident
Enjoy this amazing interview

Take a listen to this! Matthew Burbridge shares inspiration around mindset and how sharing our past helps shape us and inspire others. Matthew mentors others and shares his experiences to better the people around him.

The Jonathan Darling dives deep into leadership, love, and his journey to inspire others to Engage the Heart.  Listening to this interview will leave you feeling inspired to live with purpose!
Take a listen and please share with others

My very first show... You can only hear one side.  you can see how incredibly nervous I was.  keep scrolling they get better I promise!

Enjoy My first Ex-Patradio.com show.

Once you hear the low deep voice of Ray Scott you will be hooked... I promise! Ray shared some memories from the early years, influences from his youth, along with some industry challenges. Ray shared with us his writing process along with 4 tracks (Those Jeans, Ain’t always Thirsty, Honky Tonk ♥️, and Thank You Baby... these have been edited out for YouTube) When I asked Ray where is favorite place to play was his response is “my favorite place to play is the next place I’m going” Make sure you follow Ray here on YouTube as well as instagram @rayscottmusic as well as Facebook Ray Scott and Twitter @rayalitycheck

The Valentine’s Day Special! An hour of Relationships, Love, Connection, communication, and of course laughter and even some “I love you” from our listeners in other countries! Take away tips for successful relationships and again laughter!

Eric Ferraro self taught guitar and vocals shares his story of his music journey!  Eric and I had an inspiring conversation about life, love, music, and mindset. Be prepared to leave feeling inspired by Eric’s story and his music is fantastic!! Make sure you check out his album “Temporary Spaces” on all the streaming platforms and follow him at @ericferraromusic on IG.

Amazing conversation with coach JJ around his mission to end the stigma of mental illness.  Coach JJ has started Depression2Extinction d2e. You will hear about this mission, Coach JJ’s personal journey, the emotional check tool they use as well as ex-patradio.com David Hailwood does the check in with JJ! Quality!

I had the privilege of sharing incredible space with Stefanos and getting to share his wisdom globally. In this episode of The Heartbeat you will get to hear Stefanos speak about vulnerability, masculinity, authenticity, and Regaining your Kingdom. What a powerful hour! There were so very many topics we could have covered, Stefanos being so comfortable with remaining in the present allowed the conversation to be organic and WholeHearted Very honored to have shared this space! I am Forever grateful Please enjoy Stefanos Sifandos

The Heartbeat is an online broadcast beaming out of France around the world.  The Heartbeat is a show hosted by Christine Saunders.  The shows guests are invited to share their stories and journey with the world.  They are inspiring stories, stories of healing, stories of artistic creation, all in alignment with making our world  better place and helping to promote Christine's mission to ease suffering for whoever and whenever possible.  

Owner of Enlightened Athlete Shae Mcmaster shares his inspiring story of discovering fitness and movement to ease suffering.  Shae shares his mindset on limiting beliefs and answers some questions from listeners.  Be prepared to leave inspired and pumped to move your body!!! Change your physiology change your heart and mind

Zachariah Thompson shares his inspiring story of adversity, courage, and passion for leading others to a fulfilling life you can follow him on IG @heartbeatstrength also follow me on IG @followyourwholeheart
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High energy and amazing inspiring content will get you pumped to live your life on your own terms. Please enjoy this episode with Arsenio Buck and Luke Burrows as they share their stories of challenges mindset shifts and triumphs! And the cool story of meeting on social media over a Gary V post... and the rest is history!!

The HeartBeat