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Chris your positive energy inspires me to be a kinder person and to always see the positive in all situations. Thank you for being an amazing person


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In Partnership to Unlock the Full Potential of your Life.

My Mission

My mission is to partner with you to unlock your full potential and break down barriers so you can live a Wholehearted life. My goal is to provide you proven strategies that help to free you from the fear that paralyzes you and a majority of society from following their passion, taking risks or being blissfully happy. Life is what you make it, so dream big, dance your pants off, and love passionately. 


A strong beacon of encouragement, strength, confidence and trust; Chris Saunders brings all of these skills to her Wholehearted Life coaching practice. 
In the years that I’ve known her, I’ve watched her develop into a coach/trainer who skillfully builds confidence and deepens relationships between peers, friends, co-workers, and clients. 
Chris is like a gemstone - using life’s many lessons to safely polish the rough edges of a difficult situation into a shining example of how to move forward.  And even better, she makes it look easy. 
I’ve come to her with what I thought were complicated issues – only to have her cut to the heart of the matter and come up with simple solutions that actually work. 
Working with Chris is an adventure.  She is always exploring new and different approaches to improve her coaching skills as well as her own life path. 
Her generous spirit and contagious smile go a long way in providing a safe and comfortable space to create positive outcomes.